Traveling by boat is a common means of transportation in Costa Rica, as many of the roads are rugged and difficult to travel on. Transportation, however, is not all that Costa Rica has to offer with boating; it’s a fun, thrilling adventure for anyone.

Whether you’re sailing out in the ocean, or cruising down one of the many rivers, you will enjoy the fun, beauty, and convenience of Costa Rica boating and yacht rentals. We offer many boating-related activities such as sailing, fishing, kayaking, motor-boating, and other water sports.

Water connects many parts of Costa Rica, and houses much of its’ beautiful wildlife. Costa Rica boat tours are well worth doing and are perhaps the most interesting way to get from one region to another.


Costa Rica snorkeling is both thrilling and relaxing. Warm water, filled with spectacular colors and amazing creatures, makes Costa Rica snorkeling a very enjoyable adventure. The nearly perfect conditions will give you a chance to see spectacular marine life.

Manta rays, sea turtles, and over 123 species of brightly colored tropical fish in huge schools are just some of the beautiful marine life you will see when you snorkel in Costa Rica. Whether you’re a pro or beginner, Costa Rica is the best place to experience the adventure of snorkeling!


Costa Rica surfing is becoming world-renowned as one of the most beautiful and fun places to take a surfing vacation. Surfers will find world-class breaks on both the Atlantic and Pacific coasts.

Jaco Surf

Among the best, Costa Rica surfing is the Pacific breaks at Pavones, an endless left point break on the southern end of the Golfo Dulce, and Witches Rock at Playa Naranjo in Santa Rosa National Park. On the Caribbean side, Salsa right in the center of Puerto Viejo will remind experienced surfers of the reef breaks of Hawaii.

Unlike a lot of other tropical surf destinations, almost all Costa Rica surfing breaks are accessible by land, making it even more convenient. If you are a beginner, have no fear; Licensed instructors will have you surfing the Costa Rica waves in no time! If you wish to go out on your own, quality surfboards are available for rent. Surfing in Costa Rica’s warm ocean waters will take you for a ride that will make you never want to leave. Reserve a Costa Rica Surfing trip today!

Scuba Diving

Warm water filled with spectacular colors, and amazing creatures make Costa Rica one of the most beautiful places to scuba dive in the world. It is quickly gaining popularity in the world, although it wasn’t until the 90’s that facilities started popping up around the country. Now you can enjoy first-class Costa Rica diving boats, Costa Rica diving tours, Costa Rica diving shops, and Costa Rica diving lessons while exploring a truly untouched part of the world.

Common sights, while you’re diving in Costa Rica, will include fascinating shipwrecks, coral reefs, sea turtles, invertebrates, snapper, jacks, grouper, sharks, whale sharks, marlin, hammerheads, manta rays, and many other colorful schools of fish.

The best underwater visibility occurs from February to April and often will take place miles offshore around interesting rock formations.

If you love to scuba dive, the Costa Rica scuba diving tour is the perfect vacation for you. If you haven’t got the chance to dive before, what better place is there to start? The nearly perfect conditions will give you a chance to see spectacular marine life and enjoy the adventure of a lifetime!


Costa Rica Kayaking can be an exhilarating rush of a calm peaceful ride. Costa Rica’s big and wild brash rivers rush through the beautiful and exotic tropical rainforest. Kayaking down the river will get your adrenaline flowing as you go through the ultimate sets of rapids. You will feel comforted with the experienced guides, strict safety precautions, and the high-quality equipment that we use on all our rafting tours.

Also, enjoy the calm sea of Costa Rica by kayaking on either coastline of Costa Rica, or in one of the many lakes and rivers running through the country.