Fishing in Costa Rica is an angler’s paradise and is probably best known for its amazing marlin and Costa Rica fishing resorts. World-class tarpon and snook fishing can be found on the Atlantic coast and the Pacific coast is world-famous for its swordfishing. Rainbow Bass, Yellowfin Tuna, Sailfish, Dorado, Roosterfish, Snapper, and Wahoo are just a few of the other common catches you can expect when sport fishing in Costa Rica, while in Costa Rica you can choose a wide range of Fishing charters you are better by asking the provider which charter would work best for your group and the type of fishing you would like to do.

Fishing in Costa Rica; Marlin Pic
Fishing in Costa Rica; Marlin Picture

Planned itineraries with charter boats and Costa Rican-trained fishing guides will point you in the right direction to catch your own “monster.” The thrill of hauling your own Costa Rican tropical fish is something you will never forget.

End your day on the water relaxing and preparing your catch of the day just the way you like it.

Costa Rica Deep Sea Fishing: Costa Rica Fishing for marlin (blue, black, and striped), sailfish, wahoo, rooster, mahi-mahi, pacific mackerel, yellowfin tuna, amberjack, and much more. Because anglers deserve not only good fishing but also quality accommodation and service.

The most common blue marlin is caught while fishing in Costa Rica. Three hundred to five hundred pounds of blue marlin are frequently landed. Several blue marlins over 900 pounds have been caught in Costa Rican fishing waters. The Blue Marlin world record is 1402 pounds.

The second most common black marlin among billfish caught in Costa Rica. Various Black Marlin over 700 lbs. were caught in Costa Rican fishing waters. Black Marlin’s world record is 1560 pounds. Striped marlin is a Costa Rican Grand Slam angler’s dream. The striped marlin is a brilliant fighter weighing between 150 and 200 pounds on average. The striped marlin world record is 224 pounds.

Last but not least is the white marlin. White marlin has been hooked in Costa Rica when roosters or wahoo fish are caught. The white marlin world record is 181 pounds, if you are looking to have an amazing time fishing contact our team at Jaco party boats and let us get started with your fishing vacation.

There is also the Costa Rican dorado or dolphinfish. The dolphin fish is a great fighter and an even better eater! The world record for dolphins is 87 pounds.