Welcome to the Tortuga Island Tour

After welcoming our passengers, at 8:00 they board Playa Herradura and we head to “Isla Tortuga”.

The trip lasts about 70 minutes. First, we approach the island to disembark people who do not want to snorkel. They can stay to swim or go for a walk. Later we go to the diving area (equipment included), a large rock rises from sea level as an islet.

Private Tour to Tortuga Island

Private Tour to Tortuga Island

Remember that this tour is private and you can speak with your captain and crew to be able to accommodate the tour in a way that works best for your group.

When the first ones arrive they have the possibility to appreciate the marine flora and fauna of the place in all its splendor. We stay there for about an hour. At the end of this activity, we return to the beach where some fresh fruit awaits you.

They will have time to enjoy the island where they can do different activities such as kayaking, and ball-beach, they can also visit the souvenir shop, swim… a while and enjoy the beach, at which time lunch is served, remember that Jaco Party Boats has drinks is included in this tour and you may take to our concierge to some extra activities ahead of time

After enjoying this wonderful meal, they can choose between lounging under a palm tree, swimming, or playing a game of beach volleyball. At 3:00 p.m. they embark back to Playa Herradura where their transport awaits them. We hope that they are very happy to have enjoyed an unforgettable experience.